Health care tips for changing seasons to enjoy autumn healthy

Health care tips for changing seasons to enjoy autumn healthy

It is autumn after all. It is supposed to be quite warm during the day, but it is chilly in the morning and evening due to the large daily temperature difference. If you are used to the long summer weather and fail to adapt to sudden changes in the weather, your body and mind balance is easy to break in an instant. Today, we are going to talk about the diseases of the changing seasons that you need to be aware of in order to enjoy autumn in a healthy way and how to manage your health during the changing seasons.

Top 4 seasonal diseases to watch out for

1. Colloquial, respiratory and allergic diseases

First, respiratory diseases are easy to occur during the changing seasons.

During the changing seasons of autumn, the humidity drops sharply, creating an environment where viruses can easily penetrate and reproduce.

A cold caused by a virus can heal naturally, but it can develop into pneumonia, bronchitis, or otitis media, so it is important to visit a hospital at an early stage.

Dry weather can also cause allergic diseases. Insects and dust that breed in summer float in the air and cause allergic diseases such as rhinitis, conjunctivitis, and asthma. Carpets and curtains are more likely to breed house dust mites, so it is recommended to wash them regularly or avoid using them if possible.

2. Skin disease caused by lost moisture

When the skin loses moisture, it loses elasticity and can cause skin diseases. Atopic dermatitis may be more severe. The skin is itchy and may blister or scab when scratching. While drinking enough water, apply a moisturizer and restore your circadian rhythm through rest and regular living to boost your immunity.

3. Cardiovascular disease caused by sudden temperature change

If you have diabetes, high blood pressure, or hyperlipidemia on a regular basis, you should pay more attention to health management during the changing seasons. This is because the sudden change in temperature causes the blood vessels to constrict and block the flow of blood. On days when there is a big difference in temperature, you must bring a jacket to keep your body temperature. Also, blood pressure can vary greatly depending on the temperature difference between indoors and outdoors, so as the weather gets colder, always pay attention to maintaining proper body temperature wherever you are.

4. Acute febrile and hemorrhagic disease that can be caught outdoors

There are many people who do outdoor activities during the changing seasons of autumn when the heat has receded. If you sit on the lawn for a long time while enjoying music festivals, golf, or mountain climbing, the tick larvae may irritate your skin and cause high fever and headaches, and in severe cases you may even lose consciousness. It is recommended not to lie on the lawn or to lay clothes on the floor.

In this way, we found out about the changing seasonal diseases that frequently occur during the changing seasons of autumn. What is the best way to manage health in the fall season to avoid seasonal diseases?

Health management method to defend against seasonal diseases

  • drink water often
  • Don’t forget to ventilate indoors
  • enjoy the autumn sun
  • Eat a balanced diet and get adequate exercise

In dry weather, the virus is more active. Drink warm water frequently to moisten the airways. Water helps the circulation of body fluids and also has the effect of boosting immunity.

In a space where air cannot circulate, harmful substances such as viruses, fine dust and carbon dioxide float. Please open and ventilate the room between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. when the air pollution level is low. By just ventilating, you can reduce harmful substances in the indoor air.

As the length of the day shortens, the synthesis of serotonin, known as the happiness hormone, decreases in our body. As a result, symptoms of depressed feelings appear. Sunlight has the effect of inducing the secretion of serotonin and plays a role in boosting immunity by generating vitamin D. Enjoy the autumn sun and enjoy a light walk with a positive mind.

The most basic and key to health care is to strengthen the immune system. If you have immunity to any disease, you have nothing to fear. In autumn, the season of paralysis, many people worry about gaining weight due to increased appetite. Control your weight and maintain good physical condition with regular, balanced meals and regular exercise. It is good to eat an adequate amount of nutrients that our body needs, including carbohydrates, fats, proteins, minerals, vitamins, and water. As it is the season of goblin, be careful not to overeat with abundant seasonal grains and fruits. These days, neither too hot nor too cold, are a good time for jogging or biking. Why don’t you set specific goals as possible, such as ‘on the way to work, get off one stop first and walk’, and exercise with a heart of enjoyment?

I hope you can enjoy a healthy autumn by checking the diseases of the changing seasons and health management methods mentioned today and preparing in advance.


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