Basics of health care

Basics of health care

Why you should be healthy

Simple. It’s uncomfortable when it hurts. Uncomfortable can cause suffering and pain to body, mind, and even others until you get used to it. The process of getting used to it is also not easy. So, unless you are unhealthy regardless of your intentions or an accident, you can live comfortably if you take care of it and live a healthy life. However, most people regret the past only when facing a bad outcome. Unhappiness that has never been experienced is neither scary nor realistic, so even those who thought that excessively enjoying alcohol or cigarettes was a luxury or a fashionable thing in life would be shocked when they were notified of a disease they had never thought of at the hospital. 

‘I never thought this would happen to me’

‘If I had known it would be like this, I wouldn’t have lived like that’

In fact, not only do we receive a lot of information and recommendations from personal relationships, health checkups, workplaces, government agencies, etc., but we can also obtain information about how our habits and environment affect our health by searching online if we wish. .

So, don’t suffer from a bad future, and let’s take care of our health from now on and live comfortably. If you take care of your health, you can already live comfortably because the possibility of experiencing inconvenience is eliminated by eliminating various futures that may already be unhappy. It is a very simple difference in attitude of mind, but as we get older, there are many differences in the words of those who have taken care of them and those who have not.

Health care in terms of behavior  

In this post, we are going to talk about how to manage your health well by having a concept rather than a specific instruction on how to do it. It is easy and simple conceptual content. It’s a very simple behavioral approach to what you should do to be healthy. It is about ” How to act healthy? “.

  •  Eat well and cheap. (Ingestion and defecation)
  •  It moves well.
  •  Holds well.

These are very basic actions for health. Does it look easy? If it seems easy, you already have the habit of staying healthy enough. It may have been that way since childhood. However, people with health problems do not eat well, binge eat, eat quickly, eat irregularly, or eat bad food, do not have a bowel movement properly, complain of fatigue even if they move even a little, cannot move smoothly, and suffer from insomnia. do. And the longer you don’t do these seemingly simple actions, the more likely you are to get a serious disease. 

Health care in terms of body care

So, what functions should we manage in our body? If we go into detail, it is best to manage each department in the hospital, but I will mention the three most important body functions that you should always recognize and know in real life. It’s about ” Where in the body should be healthy? “

  •  digestion
  •  blood circulation
  •  brain break

For good digestion, you need to chew for a long time, eat small portions regularly, and move your body. For blood circulation, I do various exercises such as stretching, yoga, Pilates, hiking, and walking, I get massages, I take medicine or have blood vessel surgery to lower my cholesterol level. To relax the brain, we get quality sleep, meditate, engage in hobbies such as sports and leisure activities to relieve stress, and meet various people. In other words, poor digestion, poor blood circulation, or prolonged periods when the brain is not able to rest also increases the risk of disease.

Health care in terms of mental management

Following body care, it is about ” Where should the mind be healthy? ” In my personal opinion, it is better than before, but I think it is still the most vulnerable part in our country, and it is an area that people are interested in, but do not have access to a lot of information in a way. As a result, they may become engrossed in religion and pseudo-cults. Not only do they not know how to be mentally happy, but they also think that if they visit a psychiatrist, they will be at a disadvantage in job search or personal relationships, or they will not be effective or the side effects of drugs will be great. For this, I believe that the primary responsibility lies with the relevant government agencies that need to improve this perception, and secondarily, I think the psychiatrist is also responsible for not eradicating this perception.

  •  happiness (laughs)
  •  Eliminate stress (anger and irritability)

You have to keep a happy heart. If this is difficult, there is also a way to arbitrarily laugh and live. You need to eliminate the source of stress so that the emotional state of anger and irritability goes away quickly. Here’s a blog post on how to do this, you can find it elsewhere or visit your doctor. Never take the health of your heart lightly. In Korea, especially, there is a strong tendency to be indifferent to the health of the mind, so it is okay to be a little more careful.


Eat well, eat well, move well, and sleep well. Find ways to improve digestion and improve blood circulation. Give your brain a good rest. Smile with a happy heart, and let the stress go away quickly.

As everyone knows, it is the basics of health care that not many people do as they think. Even those who are doing well can become dissatisfied and suspicious. If it lasts that long, it can become an obsession for your health. It’s counterproductive. Take care of your health with a happy heart.


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