7 Russian Beauty Tips See Your Best

7 Russian Beauty Tips See Your Best

Time-tested beauty tips are passed down by generations of Russian women. They are simple solutions that you can always do your best at home. Of course, they are not salon-level procedures, but they save you rubles and can easily become part of your weekly beauty routine.

all about herbal medicine

Herbs are easy to come from Russia. They are very affordable and have a wide selection at every pharmacy. They are used to treat a number of health problems and are often prescribed by doctors. However, even a healthy person can use this herb well. A thin cloth wipe for herbal medicinals is helpful for dry or oily skin. The herb is used as a mixture for hair masks and can be simply boiled and drunk to get rid of toxins. The trick here is not to overdo it. Use herbs moderately and wisely. As is the case with overdose, too many herbs can cause more issues than bring benefits.

extensive hair care

Long, thick hair has been considered a symbol of beauty for centuries. Not so much now, as long braids make their way into more convenient hairstyles, but thick, beautiful hair is still in vogue. There are a bunch of hair care options out there, and most of them are easy to make with a few simple ingredients.adA popular product for hair growth and strength is mustard. A simple homemade shampoo from the herbal mix mentioned above is cheap and readily available at drugstores. – A few spoons of mustard powder. Now, this homemade shampoo is not as scented as commercial shampoos and does not clean up, but will bring all the benefits of a natural product. Rinse thoroughly.

get some steam

Before the shower, there were only a few ways to keep it clean. At the top of the list is the Russian steam room. Vanyas , they are similar to saunas. Fortunately, baniyas were the only way to maintain hygiene, but they are now popular for their beauty benefits. In addition to sitting in a hot steam room with tangible health benefits, it also opens up skin pores and flushes out toxins. With a little exfoliation over the top, your skin feels very soft and smooth afterwards.

natural face mask

Many Russian beauty recipes are homemade. Basically, pre-revolutionary cosmetics were not widely available and there was little or no access to modern cosmetics through the 20th century. The girls still looked beautiful and naturally wanted to pamper themselves a little. Here are some time-tested recipes. Wear a strawberry mask in summer. Pick strawberries from the garden, bite the tips and rub the rest around your face. It’s probably better to do these procedures in private, because they aren’t the most attractive look.ad

Homemade surgical stationery

One more important step in skin care is exfoliation. Once again, many commercial options are available in stores with exotic ingredients and delightful flavors. But if you want to control what goes into your scrub, these can be made from scratch at home. A very simple solution is a scrub made of salt. All you need is plain household salt (or sea salt if possible). Larger ones can be a bit painful on the skin. Then add a little olive oil to the mixture and use it like any other scrub that rubs your skin with a little pressure. Avoid incisions and smears as they may cause some discomfort.

hot body wrap

When it comes to weight loss, all kinds of measures are taken to achieve results as quickly as possible. Body wraps have established themselves as a popular activity at home. Procedures, especially in spa salons, can be quite expensive. One common ingredient for wraps is honey. It speeds up your body’s metabolism and helps to get rid of toxins quickly. Making it into a hot body wrap doesn’t mean heating the honey. Apply honey to the problem area (usually the belly or thigh), cover it with the insulation of the enveloping wrapper, and wait under a warm blanket for half an hour to heat. This procedure should be consistent to show results, so be prepared with at least 10 sticky body wraps.

daily nail care

Taking care of your nails is an important part of beauty. Going to a nail salon takes time, and the cost adds up to regular visits. A simple daily routine will help you keep your nails healthy and beautiful. A simple solution is to make a nail bath with essential oils such as olive oil, buckthorn, or linseed oil. This will help strengthen the nails and soften the skin around them. Another easy trick is rubbing your nails with a slice of lemon for a few minutes, a quick remedy that will whiten your nails and give them a shiny coating.


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